Star-Crossed!! 2

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From the creator of the hit manga and anime Kiss Him, Not Me! comes another off-the-wall, geeky shojo comedy! A series of mixups leads to God misplacing the souls of a girl and the handsome idol singer she adores—in each other's bodies! And they can switch back and forth by...kissing?!With the true cause of the body-switching still a mystery, Azusa and Chika must be ready at a moment’s notice to have their lives turned upside down. Matsumoto-san, Chika’s manager, is eager to devise countermeasures…which include Chika transferring into Azusa’s school? And him living in the apartment next to hers?! The 24/7 access to the object of her fangirl affections threatens to break her goddess-like persona in front of her peers, but Azusa, as well as Chika, remain determined to avoid any more disruptions in their lives—if only sheer determination were enough…

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