Star-Crossed!! 3

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From the creator of the hit manga and anime Kiss Him, Not Me! comes another off-the-wall, geeky shojo comedy! A series of mixups leads to God misplacing the souls of a girl and the handsome idol singer she adores--in each other's bodies! And they can switch back and forth by...kissing?!PLAYING WITH FIRE After being forced to share their secret with Fumi, Azusa’s overprotective childhood friend, the body-switching pair vows never to tell another soul of their predicament…until fellow P4U member Haru kisses Chika, while Azusa is in his body! Although Haru appears to be a willing ally when all is revealed, he may just be harboring an ulterior motive—and a secret— beneath his charming smile. Armed with her suspicions and control of Chika’s body, Azusa is ready to do whatever it takes to protect her precious idol!

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