The Fable Omnibus 2 (Vol. 3-4)

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One hitman is feared above all in Japan: the killing machine known as "The Fable." But is he really a tough guy or more of a...weirdo? After a particularly lucrative spree necessitates a break from his life of crime, the Fable faces his hardest assignment ever: living as a normal guy, with a cover story, an apartment, and a pet parrot!It's Way of the Househusband minus the wife and kid, plus one adorable, friendly bird, topped off with a whole lotta blood!  Inspired the new anime.Omnibus edition includes Vol. 3-4.A HITMAN ON HIATUS!The deadliest man in Japan has a new mission: Take a yearlong break, and don't kill anybody. After getting a pet parrot, "Akira Sato" (not his real name) is at a loss. What do normal people do? They get a job, right? So the Fable musters his courage, writes a resume, and promptly discovers that job interviews are much trickier than they seem. Practically by divine luck, a neighbor gets him a job at a design company. But how long will the underworld let a legendary assassin slave away at a 9-to-5?

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