Venom Epic Collection Vol 2: Lethal Protector TP

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From villain to vigilante! Follow Eddie Brock as he evolves from Spider-Man’s deadly foe into a twisted new hero — starting when Spidey recruits Venom to battle his psychopathic offspring, Carnage! But Eddie’s still out for blood, and he doesn’t care who gets in the way — even Ghost Rider! Can anyone convince him to drop his grudge against Spider-Man? Venom forges a fresh future in San Francisco, targeting those who prey on the weak! But he’ll soon find himself judged by the Jury and swarmed by strange new symbiotes! Plus: Venom shares a nightmarish team-up with Wolverine! Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-Man (1963) #361-363 and #374, SPIDER-Man: THE TRIAL OF VENOM, WEB OF SPIDER-Man (1985) #95-96, GHOST RIDER/BLAZE: SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE #5-6 and VENOM: LETHAL PROTECTOR (1993) #1-6 — plus material from MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS (1988) #117-122 and AMAZING SPIDER-Man (1963) #373 and #375.

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