What If?: Into The Multiverse Omnibus Vol. 2 HC [DM Only] *PRE-ORDER*

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Head deeper into the Marvel Multiverse with more uncanny adventures that ask the eternal question…What If? Imagine if Galactus came to consume Earth, but the Avengers - not the FF - stood in his way! Or if Spider-Man never lost his four extra arms! Or if the Hulk killed Wolverine! Ponder what might become of Earth if Doctor Doom was its Sorcerer Supreme! Or if Cable destroyed the X-Men! Or if Rogue possessed the power of Thor! And just think how the cosmos would be reshaped if the Silver Surfer wielded the Infinity Gauntlet! In one world, Venom possesses the Punisher - and in another, Frank Castle becomes Captain America! Plus: Logan gets married! Storm remains a thief! Magneto takes over the United States! Barbara Ketch becomes Ghost Rider! Iron Man goes public! And the Kingpin…adopts Daredevil?! Collecting WHAT IF? (1989) #40-75.

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