Wonder Woman: Paradise Found (New Edition) TP

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Required reading for fans excited about the upcoming television series PARADISE LOST, announced by James Gunn as part of the first chapter of the new DC Universe media slate! Wonder Woman's world is falling to pieces. Her home of Paradise Island has faced a devastating civil war, and her mother, Queen Hippolyta, has abolished the monarchy, ending Diana's status as a princess.Acclaimed writer/artist Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman: Historia) is joined by inker Andy Lanning and cover artist Adam Hughes for one of the most difficult chapters of Diana's life. This story reveals a dear friend of Diana's transformed into a deadly enemy, an intergalactic war, and the return of an arch-nemesis that may spell doom for the super-heroes of the world.With battle after battle facing Wonder Woman, is there any hope that Diana can find paradise?Collects Wonder Woman #171-177, as well as select pages from Wonder Woman Secret Files #3.

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